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After you’ve suffered an injury in your workplace, you may find yourself needing to pay major medical bills while still supporting yourself and your family. Fortunately, after a serious on the job injury, you have the option of filing for workers’ compensation benefits, which should help you stay on your feet until you can return to work.

If you’ve been denied the workers’ compensation benefits that you need and deserve, then you may need to fight for your claim with the help of an experienced attorney like Robin B. Schwebs. Learn more about filing a workers’ comp claim, and learn why Robin B. Schwebs is your best option for a Los Angeles workers’ compensation attorney.

Proof of Your Claiminjured worker sitting on the floor by a ladder

When you’ve been hurt and need to file your workers’ compensation claim, you will need to provide proof that your injury happened on the job and was a result of your normal work activities. Unfortunately, this isn’t as easy as it might seem. It’s extremely common for a workers’ comp insurance company to find some way to deny your claim, including asserting that your injury was a result of your own actions.

Robin B. Schwebs understands the different ways that a workers’ comp claim can be denied, and he is ready to help you fight a denial and help you find the proof you need to earn your benefits.

Legal Guidance

A common misconception about workers’ compensation is that filing a claim is a quick and easy process. In reality, receiving your workers’ comp benefits requires several steps that can be very intimidating for people who are inexperienced. Some of the steps to receive workers’ comp include filing your claim, getting medical treatment, negotiating with your insurer, and potentially dealing with a claim denial.

Robin Schwebs can help you navigate this difficult process so that it’s as stress-free as possible. He can give you advice about every step needed to receive your workers’ comp benefits and can help you avoid common obstacles.

Find a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

If you need help fighting for your workers’ comp claim, then you should hire a Los Angeles workers’ compensation attorney like Robin B. Schwebs. Serving clients from communities like Santa Ana, Riverside, and Anaheim, Mr. Schwebs can provide the representation you need and deserve.

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